Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt

Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt

That could be the case. He’s wearing his armor; which Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt saw him take off just before putting the space stone in the gauntlet. Life pro tip: Unhang your clothes when you want to use them again. You’ll save thousands each year on wardrobe costs. Maybe that supports the whole time travel theory: This could possibly be them traveling back in time to Xandar right after he obtains the Power stone.

Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt,  ladies tee, tank top, and v-neck

Avenger Iron man Endgame ladies tee
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but before he has the Space Stone, which is why he is ported down by the Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt and not teleporting around with said Space Stone. Honestly, that would make it very uninteresting to me. I know in the comics he has plenty of powers on his own. But IW set up his character and power pretty solidly (able to beat the pulp out of Hulk with no stones, for example). Just giving him extra powers in Endgame when they already have lost to him would just not be that interesting. Thanos is more than just a buff alien, he’s an Eternal, the most powerful one, and a freak of science. That likely goes for the MCU as well, due to the upcoming Eternals movie, which has his brother confirmed.

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Avenger Iron man Endgame sweatshirt
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Due to this it actually wouldn’t make sense for him to not have any Avenger Iron man Endgame shirt powers. Thanos really hasn’t earned his reputation as the most powerful being in the universe yet without the Infinity Stones. Thanos in Infinity War was made to seem like he would lose against the Avengers if he didn’t have the Infinity Stones, which just shouldn’t be the case. The Russo’s also said that if the Titan heroes managed to get off the Gauntlet, that they would be surprised at how powerful Thanos was without it, implying that he was holding way back, and maybe hiding some powers.

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