Batman day superhero shirt

Batman day superhero shirt

I find that a lot of Batman fans are also big Batman day superhero shirt fans, myself included. I think it’s because Batman represents a human that pushes himself to his peak and because of that can hang with gods and superpowered aliens without anyone batting an eye. While spidey, who has insanely strong powers, shows so much humanity in his everyday life (bills, dating, school, etc). At the end of the day, either the superhero or the alter ego is dealing with everyday problems and that’s what makes them stand out.

Batman day superhero shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Batman day superhero ladies tee
ladies tee

The most interesting parallel would be Batman day superhero shirt equivalent of Ra’s. I think Rhino is the closest to Bane in terms of pure strength, not so much brains though. Bane is a master strategist. I think Venom would be closest to Two-Face personality and story wise. while not specifically a Spiderman villain, perhaps doctor doom for Ra’s al Ghul? both are powerful men that seek to dominate the world and use armies, spies, and some degree of magic. Arcade in the current Hunted run in TASM reminds me a lot of Mad Hatter, at least aesthetically

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Batman day superhero sweatshirt
Batman day superhero hoodie

I agree on all of these, except joker. While joker is nothing like Batman day superhero shirt, he is a shit ton like the green goblin. Well, based on the 90s cartoon anyway. I feel like lots of people my age (early to mid-’30s) would call these two their favorite superheroes. Not just from comics, but maybe even more so because of the top-notch animated series that that age group grew up with in the early nineties. Same with the X-Men.

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