Collusion delusion shirt

Collusion delusion shirt

Why tf isn’t this being repeated  Collusion delusion shirt daily?! The WORST election interference! Wtf do we need to raise this in public consciousness!!!???! Right!!!. According to polling, the special counsel heavily influenced voters in the midterms,  and Democrats are going to continue to use the House of Representatives to stonewall this administration for the foreseeable future.

Collusion delusion shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v-neck

Collusion delusion ladies tee
ladies tee
Collusion delusion v-neck

Nixon should have never resigned Collusion delusion shirt. The Democrats should never be in power again. Our country is worse off with them holding any sort of power over our government. Honestly, without an independent party or people outside of the beltstrip, we are fucked. Moderate Democrats are losing ground to progressives, and we have a lot of rino chucks who are too willing to sit down And he blew up millions of Americans drealican party as a whole to reform away from neoconservatism and towards populism. Nancy is apparently already afraid he might. The left is so full of paranoia.

Official Collusion delusion sweatshirt, hoodie

Collusion delusion hoodie

I’m pretty sure other presidents have done this, anyone able to digs up the reasons as to why? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, the Left could not be Refereeing harder right now, they’re going to complain no matter what we do, may as well have them complain that Donald Trump gets 10 years in the white house lmao I love him, I love him so much… the other week when he joked about being president maybe 10 or 12 years, when I saw that I LITERALLY jumped out of my chair I was so excited.

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