Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt

Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt

Punisher came to Gotham, and Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt about to put a bullet in the Joker, but Batman intervened. If he had left it 30 seconds, Joker would be gone, lives would be saved, and Batman’s conscience would still be clear. I argue that the Federal Government should, and WOULD Execute The Joker, a long time ago. Gotham exists in the US. The US has a Federal Death Penalty law, and most of The Joker’s crimes would fall under Federal and Terrorism classifications.

Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Fear and loathing at Gotham tank top
tank top


There is no reasonable explanation for why the Joker is still alive. Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt would have ended up like Timothy McVeigh and would be dead within a year of his first mass murder. I’m pretty sure its even canon that the US in the DC ‘verse has Capital Punishment. This is exactly the problem with The Joker and his continued existence. In order to be shipped off to a mental institution like Arkham Asylum, you have to be insane, not crazy. Insanity is a legal term used to describe when someone is not responsible for their actions due to a disconnect from reality or complete inability to perform moral reasoning.

Official Fear and loathing at Gotham sweatshirt, hoodie

Fear and loathing at Gotham sweatshirt
Fear and loathing at Gotham hoodie


like believing your neighbors are Fear and loathing at Gotham shirt garden gnomes, and strangling them in their sleep in preemptive self-defense Joker is a violent and nihilistic sociopath that kills murders people in elaborate clown themed deathtraps out of a twisted sense of humor. He’s crazy, but he’s very much aware of his actions, and their moral implications, and thus not insane. To be fair, i’I’dhink any normal court would give Joker the death sentence even if he was technically mentally ill at this point. After breaking out so many times i’I’dhink it would be considered not worth trying to reform him.

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