Green Spanish Bullfighting shirt

Green Spanish Bullfighting shirtGreen Spanish Bullfighting shirt

When Stark remembers his Green Spanish Bullfighting shirt comrades right before his death, Yammy Llargo does not appear in the flashback at all. You got it. Speaking of hair, who the hell told Kubo it was ok to give Ichigo a haircut. Ichigo looks way better with long hair.  Nah Nah man, the shorter hair makes him a bit more mature, the longer hair makes him like a model in a shampoo commercial for women

Green Spanish Bullfighting shirt, v-neck, tank top, ladies tee

Green Spanish Bullfighting ladies tee
ladies tee

Human Ichigo can have Green Spanish Bullfighting shirt. But Shinigami/Hollow Ichigo needs to have long hair. What about Renji? He is mature. Yeah, but Renji’s hair is controlled while Ichigo’s hair just kinda hangs there. I’m not hating here, just in my opinion Ichigo looks better with short(er) hair. But we all know bald is the true way to go. He hated how Aizen seemed to not care that some arrancars were dying in their fights, he hated seeing his comrades die, so he gave in and fought shunsui for those reasons.

Official Green Spanish Bullfighting sweatshirt, hoodie

Green Spanish Bullfighting sweatshirt
Green Spanish Bullfighting hoodie

Green Spanish Bullfighting shirt that he fought the soul reapers were all killing his ‘friends’ and shunsui wouldn’t leave him alone. His hate towards Aizen hated per se, he just didn’t like it. It’s like how Shikamaru in naruto sees everything as troublesome but he still does everything just…because. So stark stayed on Aizen’s side just bc. Can I have more of those from you? Awesome fans. I’ll start making more tmr bc atm the mods aren’t allowing anyone to post. Head to and request a character for me to make a list on!

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