Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt

Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt

Here in Canada, a chef at a Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt cafe makes a healthier Loco. With Chicken. You know these West Coast types, lol. That being said, a couple of the Hilo drive-ins make a variety of Locos. I’ve seen hot dog Spam and my favorite, Teriyaki with the sauce subbing for the gravy. I told this story before but when we first met, took my Canadian wife to be to Sam Choy’s in Kona. The waitress shot her a funny look when my wife answered how she wanted her eggs.

Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Happy Mother Earth Day ladies tee
ladies tee


Oh and love your username btw!! Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt noticed!! Haven’t seen the new one, I don’t have anyone in my adult life who would see that with me but I used to know the first one word for word. After the first 20 times watching it we put on closed captioning and it was even better, we caught a lot more jokes that we’d been missing. Have you seen the new one? No spoilers pls. Looks delicious! I’ve been making it myself lately, but I have to make it with scrambled egg since I’m a pretty slipshod cook. Still can’t make ’em as good as Zippy’s does.

Official Happy Mother Earth Day sweatshirt, hoodie

Happy Mother Earth Day Sweatshirt
Happy Mother Earth Day hoodie


Super sunstick pan and a little butter, I have this thin crappy uneven copper pan (yes I fell for the hype, don’t buy them theyre soooooo thin, unless for this reason) and Happy Mother Earth Day Shirt the only thing I use it for is eggs because GLUE wouldn’t stick to this pan. Butter, medium-high heat, crack the egg in there when the pan is hot so the bottom whites up real quick, let the white get whiter (Lol, less clear I guess I mean?), gently loosen with a spatula (I use a stolen-from-pizza-hut-in-the-90s metal one), all sides so the whole thing slides freely, then flip. Second side I do for just a few seconds, maybe a minute tops (I never care if my whites are undercooked, gross I know. I only care about the yolk running free). Good luck!!

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