Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt

Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt

The bartender is a dark, lithe human male, with Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt, wild eyes. He takes every order with a nervous giggle. He fills drinks by carefully placing the cups, then wildly stabbing bottles with a butterfly knife, eyes bright and a fiendish grin on his face. The bottles reseal after bleeding out the proper amount of liquid. No one has ever failed to pay in the bar.

Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Mermaid and cocktail glass ladies tee
ladies tee
Mermaid and cocktail glass tank top
tank top
Mermaid and cocktail glass v-neck


A large statue stands behind the bar. Close Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt reveal that it is covered with tiny scaffolding and ropes; there are miniature people running back and forth through the scaffolding, pulling levers and shouting commands to each other in a language that can’t quite be understood. the statue jerkily moves and fills orders. A somewhat ragged anthropomorphic rabbit named “The September Hare,” although the bar’s frequenters call him “Sep.” He has a picture of himself with his more famous cousin hanging behind the bar. All drinks are served in oversized teacups.

Official Mermaid and cocktail glass sweatshirt, hoodie

Mermaid and cocktail glass hoodie


The Wicked Witchy Wenches of Mermaid and cocktail glass shirt IV- The bar is dark and misty, and there are the sounds of flitting things in the blackness overhead. Managing the bar are four wrinkled, green-skinned crones, stirring a huge black cauldron over a purplish fire. Every order is filled from the cauldron but corresponds to what is ordered. The four crones cackle as they hobble back and forth, serving customers, but are actually pleasant conversationalists and useful contacts.

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