Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt

Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt

Sell it soon if you want to get decent money for it. The Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt isn’t buying those things. And as soon as all the boomers get pissed and turn up their noses at them, it’s gonna be a lot harder to sell. Or a Honda, or maybe Suzuki and Kawasaki will start moving production over. Japanese precision made in America. Old Japanese engines just refuse to quit. Meanwhile, Harleys leak oil everywhere and their quality has gone way downhill.

Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Motor Harley Davidson cycles ladies tee
ladies tee
Motor Harley Davidson cycles v-neck

Maybe Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt will learn their lesson and come back stateside, then go back to making affordable, robust engines that can take a beating. Honda is the most dependable. If I’m trusting my life to a bike in someplace remote, it’s only gonna be a Honda. I biked through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia on one, and it handled some serious abuse. It was a rough ride with many police encounters and border crossings. But as long as all your paperwork is right and you’re not fucking up, then it’s fine. You never want to give anybody a reason to hassle you though. It can get tedious and expensive real fast.

Official Motor Harley Davidson cycles sweatshirt, hoodie

Motor Harley Davidson cycles hoodie

Just going down the list of bike manufacturers, the only ones Motor Harley Davidson cycles shirt I could see opening up production in the United States are the Italians (Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilia). For those folks who know the long history between Harley Davidson and some of these companies, the idea of an Italian bike being made in America is pretty funny. In a nutshell, Harley’s terrible investment strategies are largely to thank for the Italian motorcycle industry still existing. A decade ago they bought MV Agusta and Cagiva for over 100 million euros.

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