Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt

Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt

Why does this feel like a homie passing Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt? No offense but when other famous rappers die that I’ve listened to, I don’t feel the attachment for them. I think it because Nipsey’s lyrics gave people drive and motivation, its personal to people because he literally contributed to their mindset for success. Lots of Nipsey’s music got me thru some hard times and he literally laced me up with some game from his verses. I’ve been a fan of his music for a little while now – but only recently heard about all of his community activism.

Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt, ladies tee, tank top, and v-neck

Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace ladies tee
ladies tee
Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace tank top
tank top
Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace v-neck

I have immense respect for all great artists, but even more for the artists who are also great people. This one hits very differently. RIP to a legendary artist and activist. His passing is a tragedy. And prayers up for that entire Crenshaw area, they will be mourning him for a long time. I don’t know about you but I’ve been listening to Nipsey since bullets have no name came out. He was just an underground Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt rapper at the time and only people who really fucked with rap in so cal really knew him at the time. I’m 30 so he was a few years older than me and when I was growing up in high school/ college we used to really bump his shit.

Official Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace sweatshirt, hoodie

Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace sweatshirt
Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace hoodie

I think what people are really missing or don’t understand is Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt Nipsey put in, what did he put out? Like 10 mixtapes? That’s an insane number of tracks and a huge body of work. It felt like a homie finally breaking through… At least it did for me. RIP Nip.  I don’t comment often but this one really hurt me.  Nipsey was a local legend.  Hell, his shop was literally across the street from my high school. He was nothing but kind and humble and would always stop to greet people. He will definitely be missed, RIP to Nipsey Hussle. As horrible as this is, I have faith that his music will live on. More people will probably listen to Victory Lap now than they did when it was released, myself included, and I hope that we can all take a moment to appreciate it as a piece of this man’s life, not just as an album. RIP

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