Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt

Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt

Not sure how busy it would make the picture, but would Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt be possible to surround the word “US” in a white silhouette of the United States? That way the idea gets put across more vividly. I think the one potential problem is that you always want to present the American flag in the correct direction left to right, but I think the benefits of having it the other way is that it does represent progress

Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Not me us Bernie Sanders ladies tee
ladies tee
Not me us Bernie Sanders v-neck

it’s actually better visually, and Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt read “Bernie 2016 first” So it makes more sense. I agree opponents can use this against him. I think it should have clear punctuation. Or, maybe “it’s not about me, it’s about us!” Playing with the font size and only emphasizing me and us, it might fit in nicely. I think it looks awesome, but you have to think like the enemy and avoid things they could use to attack him or his message.

Official Not me us Bernie Sanders sweatshirt, hoodie

Not me us Bernie Sanders hoodie

I get chills seeing this because that’s what Not me us Bernie Sanders shirt think about Bernie. It’s not about him, it’s about us. And, when he’s running against Hillary and Trump, this is a message that separates and defines him. You could take the not me us and blow up the text to fill in the white space better. I think it would be ok if the arm overlapped some of the U and S. can you add a “Bernie Sanders 2016” in the lower right blue? Some people may not know what this picture means and it should really go on social media asap

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