Official 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt

Official 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt

You’re so right, 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt asked my CSMs (Customer Service Managers) to not have me replace her for breaks or lunches in case the till comes up short. I don’t want to be blamed for it. Not gonna lie the 12 mozzarella sticks for lunch sounds awesome. But all that other garbage too? I’d go into a food coma and be useless for work after. (If I didn’t puke/crap my brains out first). Watch your back OP. She sounds like the type to frame someone.

What is attitude?

Well, she shouldn’t be talking. 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt in the eternal sun of Wally World, for a girl of her circumferential accomplishments, is hot & heavy. Oh, JH. Hypocrite, much? One minute no man wants your coworker, then she’s supposedly having an afternoon delight? And at Wal*Mart? Geez, standards, JH. I’ve noticed something about this type: it’s either/ or. You couldn’t possibly just be living… Oh, HAPPY DAY. Part of me wants to spread a rumor when they start going. I used to think that type was RARE. “Hey, did you know that the sight of a woman eating carrots is like viagra to a man?”. I just looked at what 150 at 5’2 is supposed to look like on mybodygallery and I’m smaller than those pics. My doctor won’t put me on the hormones to balance it out until I’m 21, not sure why. I am on Prozac for the depression that came with it and I was put on iron sups to help with the fatigue since I also had a low iron count.

5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt, ladies tee, flowy tank, tank top

Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 classic women
classic women
Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 flowy tank
flowy tank
Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 tank top
tank top


I’m still doing my best-losing weight and 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt definitely not stopping at 150. The metabolic part of hypothyroidism is not that bad. But if you have it undiagnosed, you can end up very depressed and the chronic fatigue does not help maintain a good exercise routine. It also fucks with your sense of hunger. So it kinds of make it easy in every possible way to get fat. And if it’s to the point where it fucks with your heart rate it makes strenuous effort very hard (or at least makes it feel awful). Of course, it’s not the same for everyone (and worst, two people of similar age and build might feel very different at the same hormonal levels). The psychological effects are hard to gauge but they can be devastating (especially if they’re wrongly diagnosed as something else). I know all this. I have it myself. The point is, once you’re medicated, none of this applies. And why would you leave diagnosed hypo untreated? You wouldn’t.

Official 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 sweatshirt, hoodie, and long sleeve

Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 long sleeve
long sleeve
Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 sweatshirt
Official 5'2 but my attitude 6'1 hoodie


Had a similar story as I too have Type 1. 5’2 but my attitude 6’1 shirt use the throwaway pens (since they’re easier to use) and back in high school one of the guys in my class took my case that had my tester and Novarapid in it. He proceeded to take out the needle and started swinging it around like a dumbass. A teacher got it back and I was suspended for carrying it around. Ended just taking my pen to school anyways.

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