Official Legalize gay marijuana shirt

Official Legalize gay marijuana shirt

I’m totally for the legalization of gay marijuana as a straight man, but for Legalize gay marijuana shirt I enjoy smoking female marijuana. Not that there is anything wrong with male marijuana it’s just not how I roll. its un nature and gone murder our children and our morality and God said that and this and then this priest came and told me that, BURN IN HELL !!!  Just thought everyone was WAY to level headed so I added some “crazy”

Legalize gay marijuana shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Official Legalize gay marijuana ladies tee
ladies tee
Official Legalize gay marijuana tank top
tank top


Since the drug is in the resin of the female plants, Legalize gay marijuana shirt are all culled. So growing under those intense lights indoors, you are talking hot, lesbian marijuana. I need a qualified feminist to tell me how the biological reality of female cannabis resin is a social construct! Hurry, I think I’m turning Nazi! I’m fine with marijuana of any sexual orientation. I do not condone, however, transgenic plants. Weed was born the way weed was. Long ago in California, there were initiatives on the ballot involving immigration, gambling, and nuclear power.

Official Legalize gay marijuana sweatshirt, hoodie

Official Legalize gay marijuana sweatshirt
Official Legalize gay marijuana hoodie


Legalize gay marijuana shirt (Washington) legalized same-sex marriage and marijuana at the same time (2012). My late wife, who was pregnant at the time, lamented (in a supportive way) the initiative’s passing because, “I can’t take advantage of either of these, as I’m married to a man and pregnant.”. just remember, Republicans have been preventing cannabis use in almost every state. Fuck them. It’s our constitutional right and those fucks rather have children and vets suffer.

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