Official never walk alone shirt

Official never walk alone shirt

I’m thinking the Official never walk alone shirt would probably be You Never Walk Alone, I mean they have been hyping the side story extension thing… I’m really intrigued why they marketed it this way. But, the song duration is a bit too short to be the title track tho. Springtime sounds like a ballad fitting for the vocal line, whilst I’m hoping Not Today would feature some angsty rap against a moody tune. And I’m so ready for the full version of Wings, the rapmon verse gives me life.

Official never walk alone shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v-neck

Official never walk alone ladies tee
ladies tee
Official never walk alone tank top
tank top

Whelps, RM entered Official never walk alone shirt chat now. Probably to give us some insights to the tracklist??? Edit: RM said he really likes Springtime and Not Today, told us to anticipate it. But yeah, I really do hope it’s some sort of angry or politically charged song. I think he said that he worked on both those tracks as well.  Yes, thinking back wasn’t it RM(?) who first mentioned that the new tracks are really good on that VLive. Haha, he seems really pleased with the outcome, I can’t wait! And RM is such a sweetie, communicating in kor, eng, and jpg.

Official never walk alone sweatshirt, hoodie

Official never walk alone hoodie

Could there be 2 Official never walk alone shirt The tweeted tracklist is from the mint-green bus stop version… I kinda hope that there’s remixes or something on the pink confetti version?? Probably unlikely, but not possible. the albums are being shipped out randomly for those who didn’t indicate which version they want and different tracklists would be a logistical nightmare.

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