Official Tattooed low life shirt

Official Tattooed low life shirt

Personally, Tattooed low life shirt wanna go into the ground naturally, so nature can take its course. Just let the worms eat me, my corpse doesn’t gotta look nice. Dope me up with Thorazine then take me skydiving and dump my unconscious body out without a parachute over the closest parade. Bonus points if you can find a kids birthday party instead. That is an interesting perspective in giving respect for the dead.

Tattooed low life shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Official Tattooed low life ladies tee
ladies tee


Reminded me when Tattooed low life shirt watch NCIS episodes when Ducky the M.E would talk to the corpses as though they could hear him. I guess it makes sense to me now that I read your story. So if someone lived in a small town with one funeral home, started working with the dead, and was maybe not so nice with their ex, the ex would suffer for eternity? Asking for a friend.

Official Tattooed low life sweatshirt, hoodie

Official Tattooed low life hoodie


Personally, Tattooed low life shirt think the way most corpses are prepared and graves are constructed in the US is disgusting and unnatural. I fail to see how having all the fluids in your body replaced with chemicals, your face covered with toxic paints, your jaw sewn shut and your body entombed in concrete is supposed to ensure a peaceful passing into the next world. I would much sooner be left in nature to feed some critters and turn into soil.

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