Official Virginity Rocks shirt

Official Virginity Rocks shirt

You are damn right. Sit there and be spoon-fed drivel and Virginity Rocks shirt and never question any of it because that’s the best we can do because we are out of money and you need to pass the standardized tests. I’m still wondering why schools don’t have at minimum a business casual dress code. Weren’t we supposed to be preparing them for future employment? Oh yeah, there is no future employment. Carry on.

Virginity Rocks shirt,  ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Official Virginity Rocks ladies tee
ladies tee
Official Virginity Rocks v-neck


Because it is inappropriate for a teen to wear a Virginity Rocks shirt that is going to cause a distraction in class. Especially when that distraction is sexual in nature. Would you expect somebody with a “Sex Rocks” shirt to get in trouble? Our local junior high school prohibits t-shirts that say anything besides the name of the school. High school rules are looser, as far as t-shirt slogans are concerned. Not to mention that it’s actually a JR. High. So I agree with the official line about the shirt not being age appropriate for everyone in the school.

Official Virginity Rocks sweatshirt, hoodie

Official Virginity Rocks hoodie


Me too, especially as someone who lives 30 minutes from this Virginity Rocks shirt, have nieces that go there, worked there once upon a time, but only learned of it from this news source/subreddit.  Not all girls are proud to be a virgin so I think that is cool. They should actually thank her for letting other girls know that it is OK not to have sex. I used to work at that school. One of the better Jr. Highs in Fayetteville. Wonderful supportive administration and some really amazing teachers. Seems like your typical entitled parent, purposefully misinterpreting the situation.

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