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I’ve seen this gun a few times but only now noticed the connection thingy from the grip to the magazine, All I Need is This Gun Shirt id assume its to assist with reloads with so little space to load it otherwise. slide the magazine from the side into that thing and then push it up into the mag well. I am researching the gun to see what type it was and how to open it up to internals, OK, I made a bullpup m870 and it was already hard, I wish you all the luck in the world, do you have discord or something similar, I want to see the progress!

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You may want to consider modifying the design for an M4 style mag. All I Need is This Gun Shirt¬† I have never heard of this gun but looks awesome. I’m planning on building a Groza, and now I’m dealing with the problem of fitting a gearbox inside the gun. You can do it easier with that stock. Good luck, I hope to see that working soon.

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Maybe take a look at some of the Groza mechanics for some inspiration? At least for the internals. All I Need is This Gun Shirt  If they do the iconic sight will most likely be on it. the Holger and P90 have exclusive sight attachments so the attention to detail is already there, I remember using this gun for the sole purpose of forcing myself to like bad guns because that made me feel accomplished lol, I loved the F2000 in MW2! I bet it would be awesome with a monolithic suppressor and a 5mW laser.


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