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Man, that game was the shit. Army special forces shirt More like a counter strike or early rainbow/ghost recon than ArmA. There is still a small community behind the 2.5 version. Google Americas Army 2.5 Assist if you are interested. Unfortunately, the numbers are/were pretty low. Only allowing for a couple of full servers around peak NA/EU hours. I haven’t played it in a year or two. So I don’t know what the numbers are currently at, but it was like 20-100 players depending on when you got on back in 2018. I had this game when I was like 12 my computer was junk but I remember the graphics were awesome for the time, and they made you do some basic training stuff which I couldn’t pass lol, I would love to see something like this in the Polish army. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen because a lot of people in Poland still thinks that playing games are just for kids.

Army special forces shirt classic, v-neck, tank top

Army special forces shirt

tank top

Army special forces shirt


Arma is a great game! It takes patience because the designers inject as much reality as the gaming community can stomach. Army special forces shirt It’s interesting playing with real soldiers because they work in such a coordinated way and many real-life strategies do translate. If only real medics were as effective as the ones in arms, Hey! It ranges from cod/Overwatch/cage/league/magic/apex/Fortnite. If it’s competitive or has a large community. We have players in it, I played halo2 at a very competitive level before the Army. I’ve always been a gamer, although like you said. Doing both is extremely difficult. I never slept much, and if I wasn’t working/language/ prepping for a trip I’d be gaming. A lot. Well, you see this is the Army, not the Marine Corps. It’s different pots of money. Seriously though that’s on the installation commander.

Army special forces shirt unisex sweatshirt, unisex hoodie

Army special forces shirt

unisex sweatshirt

Army special forces shirt

unisex hoodie

Turning the peg on/off seems like it would be much easier with it on top. Army special forces shirt Your thumb is in a natural position to hit the button if the peq is on top. I’ve never seen it before and it seems likely that if you rest the weapon on something it’ll block the lasers. seems like a bad idea and it’s probably not a coincidence that nobody mounts it that way, The Special Forces Command is our French equivalent to the Us Socom. Also, we can notice the variations in 416s, the A5/F on the left and the D, its interesting because the SF guys were usings 416s since a while before it became our new service rifle. I had the same setup and while I think the main thing is that it allows you to get a comfortable cheek weld, it also lets you co-witness with the iron sights. ie. you can see the iron sights through the optic if needed. you can see that the guy on the right with an old 416 has his front sight up


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