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I need a honey bee. Boo Bees Halloween Shirt ’, she let me know! ‘Make it pink. Make her reverberation the soul of Manchester.  Ooh, and give her a crown, that is the thing that we did. It is made utilizing 2 bras, a strappy, and a strapless. They structure the wings and radio wires – it simply seemed well and good! The plan is daring and striking – simply like the ladies it represents. We picked a brilliant, distinctive pink and a jolly gold crown; as the masthead for Prevent Breast Cancer – this ruler would not be a timid and resigning one! She represents the quality, steadiness, boldness of the considerable number of ladies ascending against the sting of this loathsome malady

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Boo-Bee was born from the collaboration between Margo Cornish, Charity Campaigner, and Producer of Manchester BreastFest and Melanie Hudson from Stir Creative. Margo and Mel have worked together lots of times in various charity projects. “I was looking for a symbol that knitted together the spirit of Manchester, would appeal to women and be creatively versatile so what better than a pink bee, pink being the color that represents breast cancer. Boo-Bee is a Queen Bee, the key to the survival of the colony and longevity.

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