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Anything pushed on the people comes straight from Satan. Class of 2020 corona homeschool shirt Just like Women’s Lib – take the moms out of the home to “find their identity” as I was told. Then tax both parents and give your most treasured blessings, your children, to the state to raise and fill with evil. Come home to chaos at night. All the moms who made me feel guilty back in the ’70s because my life’s dream was to have a family, children, and a home…guess the jokes on them. Maybe they have larger homes and better cars and probably are divorced and are messed up. Hope not. I’m married 48 years and can say I’ve lived my dream. God is my comfort. Jesus Christ is my Lord!

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Wow, this encourages me to be a stay at home mom. Class of 2020 corona homeschool Since I was little I’ve always wanted to just nurture and have babies and cook, clean for my husband. Society telling me to do the opposite has made me “look for my own identity”. I love nurturing so much I was out there searching for a degree that involves children and helping others… luckily I’ve found an amazing man who was raised the way I was and is working hard to provide for the life we want to have which involves me raising our future children and being a good wife to him and him working for our family.

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It doesn’t happen if people don’t submit, America is free until we let this happen. Class of 2020 corona homeschool It doesn’t even mean violence, just talk, go outside! Get this information to our armed forces, the people with power that can do something! We’ve got some months! Don’t stay inside with fear waiting, that’s what they want! Thank you. Do what your heart is telling you. I believe it’s God. The world pushes so many lies on us to remove the beauty of the family. A few decades ago when they were pushing “you can have it all”, that was B.S. Your goals sound excellent. There’s NOTHING that can stop a man and woman, who become one, from realizing their dreams. Many blessings to you, your hubby, and future children. God always comes through. The BEST to you.


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