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Coffee is good but it needs a tad bit of milk to like lighten up. Not much, but enough. Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Shirt I am dying this is super bad.  I need to be up in like 4 hours and I can’t sleep, The pamphlet gamble: I’ll either be super productive or end up watching porn for 6 hours, Maybe you should talk to your psych about trying a different med. personally, methylphenidate helps me focus on what I perceive as important. I don’t know about your health but I’m probably gonna die when I’m 40 or 50 because my horrible habits and family genetics aren’t on my side so coffee is the least of my worries so you may be fine as long as you don’t have too high of a heart rate or blood pressure

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Good I’m not the only one like it is it just me or does 4 pm feel like noon nowadays, Literally, my time is so freaking screwed arm because of quarantine. Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Shirt Hey, but at least I have all the time in the world because my school forgot to send out packets and I live in a rural area so not a lot of people can do school work so basically I have a whole lotta time to procrastinate about fixing my sleep and still not fix it and be a mess like always, I’ve been Adderall since I was in 4th grade. I never heard of this…or encountered it. However, the antianxiety/anti-depression meds are known for decreasing your sex drive….ha so maybe they even each other out.

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The few times I’ve tried Adderall I haven’t wanted to do anything but a study like crazy. Sex never crossed my mind. I guess it hits everyone differently. Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Shirt I’d like to prank my friend buy spiking his red bull, but I’d like to know if it’s possible and safe. Can you get soluble caffeine tablets that dissolve in liquid? How many could be put into a red bull before it starts being dangerous? As others have said around 500mg’s is the most you would ever want to dose someone with.


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