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I’m not saying the study itself is necessarily shitty, but it is I survived coronavirus 2020 shirt FAR from enough to say the drug has application. The study isn’t going to hold to the same standard as a controlled study. And, the paper doesn’t detail things like patient selection, doesn’t include pulmonary disease outside of asthma, doesn’t even mention BMI which correlates with COVID mortality.

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I survived coronavirus 2020 shirt .The study did not fail to bring that up: “For example, among 201 patients hospitalized in Wuhan, China, mortality was 22% overall and 66% (44 of 67) among patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation.”.Read the paper. They’re quoting mortalities from 17% to 68% and it is almost all out of Wuhan. The populations, circumstances, and resource availability are likely not comparable. 

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I survived coronavirus 2020 shirt.I’ll be adjusting my game plan based on pre-market and at open market activity. It is  a bullshit drug. I’d rather ride it down than up but if it’s swinging upwards I might get calls after open and dump them a few minutes after. I don’t usually hold contracts more than a single trading day.


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