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A great question. We don’t really know what Lorgar is doing in there. I want you to join the beard side shirt Everything we have is second-hand sources or rumors. We just don’t know. Seems he was driven in there, partially, because of an assault from Corax hunting him in the Warp. So, the line between voluntary and imposed isolation is pretty thin here.

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If you want to get metaphysical, it’s I want you join the beard side shirt possible that, in some way, the Lorgar that emerges from the tower IS the Lorgar that has successfully stolen the knowledge from the gods. In the Warp, the past, present, and future are supposed to be all occurring simultaneously. Maybe, in a psychic sense, this is what happened when he stepped through the gate on Molech to get the knowledge to build the primarchs (if we follow the Prometheus logic). The warp and how it affects time are one big X factor.

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This is something I’ve always wondered:I want you join the beard side shirt Given that the Administratum, the Inquisition, the Officio Assassinorum, and the Santorum Imperialis have been running things into the ground, is it a compliment to praise Malcador with forming the Adeptus Terra?. Worth noting that the Imperial Aquilla could easily be seen as a symbol for Prometheus and Epimetheus. One head looks back to the past while one head looks forward to the future.


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