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Urdak is canonically stated to be heaven, they have angels, and the dimension Urdak is in is literally on a higher plane, outside the multiverse, I’m tired shirt Hell is the same, except its below, and Vega speculates the Makers somehow placed themselves in the position of Gods by using advanced tech, what with the saying about sufficiently advanced technology and all, read the codex entries and see. seems riskier to use stop losses after reading so many horror stories of brokers doing that, There will never be a world in which plebs understand how market makers or big ass algorithms make money. I believe.

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Actually, there might be some kind of law against firing a weapon with more force than a hydrogen bomb into a planet to blow it up, I’m tired shirt I tell people that this show has a Cuban ex-drug lord who was likely involved in the murder of a federal agent and involved in the dismemberment and burning of his corpse and was the inspiration for Scarface. Somehow he’s the most normal person you’ll see on camera. It’s ok buddy, your dick just got stuck. What you gotta do is take some long, girthy cocks up your ass.

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this is actually a very interesting piece of doom. I’m tired shirt Khan Mayor always says about humans giving repentance to Urdak and stuff and I’m like did you make humans doe to consider you as an entity worth repenting to? Who are you to say that humans should sacrifice themselves to you? assholes. That’s the gay bear way. Why? The market always drills down fast and recovers slow. It’s the get the rich quick mentality that these gay bears love, Addicts tend to go through highs and lows, just like normal bipolar people. If you want more fun you need to the same as them; time it better.


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