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As horrible as it is to keep Orca’s captive. Rip Tilikum shirt Tilikum truly was an inspiration for my dive into keeping aquariums. RIP you had a rough life. We should never try keeping animals that big… it’s the same reason why you cannot keep great white sharks in captivity. Unless we can give the creature a happy healthy life, we have no business putting them on display. Thanks for the links! I am actually a pretty good cook, as long as there is a recipe. And I found an amazing recipe app that I’ve been thinking about paying for (for the extra storage and features), so I think I’ll just do the investment for that one. I’ve already added a few recipes from this sub.

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Poor Tilly… I feel so bad for the way he lived his life, total tragedy. Rip Tilikum shirt We lost Tilly and Granny within a week of each other. I’m devastated. At least Granny was free and lived for a long time, and Tilly is no longer suffering, As much as I hate the fact that corporations keep large marine mammals in tiny enclosures (compared to their natural territories) for profit, I’m glad he is finally free. The same animal rights folk who should be more focused on chimps being poached and abuse of cattle by slaughterhouse workers. The people who train whales at SeaWorld have marine biology degrees.

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These whales should not be in captivity.  Rip Tilikum shirt They are no threat to humans (unless you’re in the water with them), and being taken out of the wild and put in a glass box will make them stressed and violent. Anthropomorphism serves a purpose in that it makes people care more about animals. To take an interest in their conservation and protection. Is it kind of silly to make a cuddly creature out of a deadly apex predator? Sure. But whatever works. The Peta people are freaking out about pigs in farms/zoos. They don’t want people jerking the animals off or otherwise having sex with them.


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