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I’ve never understood the reasoning behind people bringing hatchets and saws to go camping. The mountains are calling shirt Like they’re going to settle down right there and build a cabin, making bonfires every night until the land has been cleansed of trees and their manly conquest of nature is complete. In 15+ years of being outdoorsy, I can think of maybe twice I used an ax. The first time was me thinking I was being outdoorsy. The second time was when a tree fell on the paved road and I didn’t have a chainsaw. I bring a splitting ax to break down Logs when truck camping. Locally sourced from the same forest of course. Also, hatchets are wicked fun to throw…AT THE LOCALLY SOURCED LOGS, not trees.

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you are allowed. I do not carry shotguns and rifles though. The mountains are calling shirt Haha, It’s just for the picture. The area on the map is an area I explore often, you should check it out if you haven’t already. Lots of trails and areas to explore, fish, camp. I try to camp in the area every season. It’s the Coosa backcountry trail. Pretty cool. You need a permit but it’s free and gives you access to a lot of lands. At first…by the time I climb up the wildcat ridge and into the blood mountain wilderness I usually throw it all off the side of the mountain. Thanks for the comment. I do the same thing. There is a ton of standing deadwood and broken branches from storms where I go. Yes. I like small axes and hatchets for weight. For truck camping, a splitting ax and a bigger saw. Came in handy this winter for sure. I miss the woods. Cheers and happy camping friends!!!

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That’s exactly why I go to this area. The mountains are calling shirt There’s never anyone. You have to climb up a mountain to get there. 10 miles from the nearest road seems to be the ticket. Last time I went I saw a couple of day hikers near the trailhead that’s it. That being said, in the blood mountain wilderness, there are no fires allowed, for exactly the reasons you said. LNT is very important and having the maturity and virtue to recognize how important it is, I have never gone back to that area and not been able to get enough firewood. Sometimes there is so much dead oak that I can process enough to leave for the next camper. Thanks for the comment. Good luck with everything and take care of yourself.


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