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Auto view more comment Stop Auto view more comment Auto more replyStop more reply. Take content Check lowcase content Up it Refresh data. It seems like South Korea has an abundance of tests and has drive through testing. How come the Tom was here new england football 2020 shirt in addition I really love this US can’t follow South Korea’s example regarding testing?None of the above. It is the trump admin not wanting to lose an election and if you don’t test then the numbers remain low. Trump said it himself. Anyone who still votes for trump should put themselves in isolation, coz they’re sick!They are banning groups gathering in New York, but my question is why they are not banning schools with more than 500 kids? , Inside our body there are more than 36 degrees, but the crown lives inside very well!Why we can not have testing available for mass level? Why it is hard for a developed country like US? Is it expensive or hard to produce?You will find the answer at the beginning of this. USA had a offer but refuse it . And Now is far behindIn the Philippines our local scientists developed a test kits that passed the standards and accuracy. It is more affordable now compared and accessible.Apparently the corona virus slows down at atmospheric temperatures higher than 27 deg centigrade ..correct or not?In Australia it’s just starting to spread.. the state of Queensland has the most. It’s always 25c and above at the moment.Any such recommendation about vitamin dosages or any other medications, should be made by your own personal physician.A little but not enough, I am an Italian and I live in Italy and I live here living qursto terror…Wash what you buy well. Including outer packages of food stuffs. You never know who touched it before you. That includes fresh fruits n veggies.On flights you have groups of 200-350 clustered in economy cabin on each leg of a flight which can last 3-4 hours . Why are flight attendants NOT required to test for the virusLet’s all pray for a vaccine miracle soon! We are all in it together globally and divine intervention is our only hope in the long run! They are not telling the truth about it origin , it was made as biographical weapon and it got leaked , why can’t they find no other bats in the wild that have itIf you are recovering from a surgery and affected by SARS-COV2, is it going to make healing worse? Can it be fatal?the very reason why china should follow international protocol so we can tackle the behaviour of the virus. Too much unknown, that could have been known if china shares its data…A question from Hong Kong, is 2 weeks quarantine realistic? We hear people testing positive after they have been released. Some experts recommend at least 1 month quarantine.First confirm case in Trinidad and Tobago W.I 12th MarchWhat about the flu it’s just as dangerous to the old young and people with weak immune systemsI’ve heard in the past that Coronavirus is not transmitted through the air. Has that belief now changed? Can you get it from the air around someone who is infected?My Question is if you get positive and got treated and been cleared.. Is it possible you can still transmit the virus or getting it again..I do believe now is a Hard time for everyone But Soon God will find his way And CURE All of us Amen Question about “YOUNG people”for doctor: Are patients in their 20s and 30s without comorbidities in critical care? I’m a nurse in NYC at NYU LangonePlaces like Istael are hot and the Middle East and they have growing cases. So it is confusing.Why some people have easy access to the test like celebrity and the government tell us different things or do we have count on government?It’s scary in school I was prepared for earthquakes and power outages, we weren’t taught how to prepare for something like thisHow are people that are self quarantined being monitored to know they aren’t sneaking out and infecting others? Is it just an honor system?Many people ask: how does this virus infects a cell? Love what you are doing , talking about factsthe virus is being mutated by the countries in which it travels. Why is that? Do these mutations weaken or strengthen the virus?It’s too early to ask this question but I wonder how long will this pandemic lasts? We already cancelled our trip abroad in May .Trinidad and Tobago just confirmed that we have our first known CaronavirusWe lost time on getting behind this because people weren’t doing their jobs, I can’t create tests or test vaccinesOf the people who have died what was the mean age and the number of people with comorbidities/I am currently in the Caribbean and while Saint Lucia has not yet registered any cases, everyone here is on edge.Is the closure of schools and restrictions on internal travel in the US part of the containment plan? Given that there is already community spread in the US. very true.. especially America.. western countries usually look to see what they are doing. But this time they are behind the rest sad. I’m in Australia where even we have testing I really don’t understand what is going to happen over there.. stay safe..the world needs America to really lead on this.. but so far not..Hopefully by the time it comes to San Diego there will be better information. Tests. Etc.The situation is serious. Unfortunately, the population of Parents who do not have a quality public health structure will be reached.Watching from Burlington , Ontario Canada … publicly funded schools will be closed March 14-April 5I am taken vitamine c tot higher my immuunsysteem That was a tip from a doctor from USA.Hallo CNN, hallo USA, very good show & information. Let‘s stay together. Pete from Munich/GermanyHow long can we expect these travel restrictions and avoiding social gatherings likely to continue for ???If we are under light quarantine can we spend time outside in our own back yard ( it’s all fenced in) my kids will need outside timeI just spent the last month on quarantine! Two weeks on Diamond Princess and 2 weeks at Travis Air Force Base. We were allowed on our balconies with a mask and outside Travis AF Base also with a Mask. We had to walk 6 feet apart.I am not sick but I’m 61, no underlying conditions. Should I be isolating myself? Do I need to stay home?It is hot in Middle East and still lots of cases, so temperature doesn’t seem to stem it!That’s very sad Looks like they didn’t find the antidote yetsim – dizem que em local quente e húmido o tempo de sobrevida do virús é muito pequenaComment let’s talk about the fact the we have just over 11k testing when both china and South Korea test 10k a day. Call me 60395$566Expect this to get much worse. In two weeks expect a national quarantine that will last four werksWhy the media only talks about the people who died and not about those who survived ?If a person positive for covid-19 goes to the supermarket and touches vegetables and other foods, will it become contaminated?Can I catch the coronavirus by eating food handled or prepared by others I.e eating at restaurants?Can the virus be spread via food handling? How long does the virus last on surfaces?I had TB back in 2010 and was declared ok by the doctors, should I worry if I contract corona?This coronavirus can serious because it can stay alive up to 28 days on any surface!I am 46 and have heart disease and a lung disorder. If I get sick or think I may have it. Will I be able to get tested or do I have to be at deaths door? I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.I am pretty sure if you were sick and presented yourself at emergency department they would take care of you!With sanitizers in short supply, people are making their own. For travel wipes (planes, etc0, should one use rubbing alcohol or bleach in making the wipes?Here is an interresting point: Scandinavia have over 2100 persons infected by the covid-19 virus, but only 2 have died. Very low according to USA. A matter of healthcare system?Luckily for me my dr of 15 years wrote me 5 different prescriptions for 90 days.Should public schools close? Small children do not understand the proper hygiene requirements and classrooms are packed with kidsI emailed the CDC to implement the use of heliox in ards…it has been clinically shown to reduce labored breathing due to pneumonia….it can save people from being intubatedAlso, I would love to see the CNN folks do the Vietnamese Coronavirus tiktok dance challenge!Oh yes! Internet and media are guilty. People around the world is not dying because of it, right? Mr president shaking hands and saying he is not concern is good example.Question for doctor. Hi, I’m a nurse in NYC at NYU Langone Health. My question is, if a healthcare provider tests positive, is it ethically necessary for his/her patients from the past 14 days to be notified? Does this violate privacy, or protect the greater good?The truth about Coronavirus? What gave birth to it, and why is the goverment hiding the truth from the public?Yep Garlic is very good to eat it seems because in Italy it’s the people who are 40-60 who are at risk. In China it was 60 and above. …. in the USA we pray noneWhen are they going to release the vaccine ?Hats off to Chinese government. China and Italy use vitamin c I suggest 2000 mg a day as a preventive for health compermised peopleI just read a Twitter feed that says her brother has fever, cough and chills, but they won’t test him saying that he has to show that he was in direct contact with someone who has already been tested. When will this stop and testing will happen when they show signs of the virus?So now we shouldnt not be sleeping also., stay awake people and worry about corona its the best thing to doSo I should be awake while I sleep?

it’s so painful when you are busy talking of Corona Bairas and telling people not to panic!!!!

Thanks for sharing lovely story. This lovely policeman have a great gift to help someone in need and that is show that anyone can help other that need help. This lady need someone to talk. This police officer have seen life through at his work. Thanks for sharing lovely story.I always tried to buy food for homeless out of gas station or fast food. Sometimes I give them some money. One day, a lady, criticized me, she said: “they’re professionals and drug addicts, why you’re helping them”. I answered her: We don’t know their story and pain. I am not going to judge someone for few dollars or food.500?! Why? What’s the medical evidence around that! You can sit nearly that amount of people on an aeroplane Yeah but not until Monday so that he can see his football team play! – “leadership”!

Tom was here new england football 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

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