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Search #astrology on Instagram and you’ll pull up 7.5 million tagged posts, while phrases such as “Mercury is in retrograde” are probably appearing in more than a few of your friend’s IG stories. In the past decade, our relationship with astrology has undergone a dramatic shift, proving to be seriously bankable. In 2019, the U.S. psychic services industry was estimated to be worth a staggering $2.2 billion, according to IBISWorld. Then there are the legions of celebrity astrology superfans who make “reading your charts” part of an aesthetically aspirational lifestyle: Madonna playfully blaming her “sometimes out-of-control ego” on her Leo sun and Taylor Swift crediting her optimism to being a true Sagittarius.Instagram, in particular, has shown astrology in a new light, something that Ross Clark, CEO of astrology app Sanctuary, regards as an important new mode of distribution. Along with other popular apps such as The Pattern and Co-Star, Sanctuary has become a gateway to investing in your soul’s journey. These platforms are geared to providing instant ways for people to connect and understand their own astrological makeup.

I'm a flip flops and cow kinda girl shirt

From love-life quandaries to investigating a new career path, many of us look to astrology for daily insight and clarity in times of personal uncertainty—but can your astrological birth chart (that’s your very own personal map of the stars at the time you were born) offer an added layer of emotional self-care right now?First, let’s take a moment to remember that looking to the skies for guidance is nothing new. Humans have been practicing variations of astrology since the dawn of civilization. Our ancestors plotted maps of the stars to sync up with nature’s cycles; they planted, hunted and migrated based on the movements of the planets across the sky. Today, astrology is no longer a matter of survival, but centuries-old techniques have moved firmly into the popular mainstream thanks to new technologies and a wealth of high-profile fans.

I'm a flip flops and cow kinda girl hoodie shirt

But I wanted to expand my horizons and dabble with more scarf options, particularly summery cotton clothes in gingham. Plus, if I was really going to commit to this (which I was) I wanted a scarf made for the purpose of a bandana-style headwrap—a cloth pre-cut into a triangle with long ties at either end. The engineering just means there’s no folding and no extra bulk or excess fabric. My internet hunting led to Etsy, where I found a couple of shops making exactly what I was looking for. I promptly purchased five (ginghams in red, black, gray, yellow, and then a floral blue pattern just for kicks) and at around $10 each, I should have gotten more. At present, I’m set: I have my silky squares for my more dressed-up moments and options in cotton broadcloth for my off-duty moments. And as we transition to spring, I’ve been sporting both. I’ll admit that when worn with a face mask it’s indeed a lot of fabric on my head, but in the same vein, my new headscarves look absolutely wonderful on Zoom.Shop some options, inspired by Versace, Dior, and more, below.

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