Quavo Huncho Album shirt

Quavo Huncho Album shirt

Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic Quavo Huncho Album shirt, but his fans are the one who made the jokes about him looking like this cover and YSIVs cover. He just plays off his fans jokes because he knows the fans will find it funny. I would maybe give it a 7/10 it’s not the worst collab album but it also isn’t the best. I feel like a lot of those songs are really good and some are subpar but that’s only because they’re made into a compilation. If we got a couple separately on each of their solo albums I feel they would be hits but doing a collab album sort of sets the bar high. Either way, I enjoy it but don’t count it as part of their discography it’s kinda like a playlist more than a cohesive album.

Quavo Huncho Album shirt, ladies tee, tank top, and v-neck

Quavo Huncho Album v-neck
Quavo Huncho Album tank top
tank top
Quavo Huncho Album ladies tee
ladies tee

It doesn’t tarnish their recording ability like others think tho it’s pretty solid. Hunch Jack. Eye 2 Eye. Motorcycle Patches. Dubai. Black & Chinese. Plus some more really stand out on there. You can tell it influenced Quavo’s newest album. Tbh there is no bad song on there. I usually use HJ songs to spice my playlists up. The only problem is that you will develop a headache by listening through the whole thing in one go,?because you only hear Travis and Quavo pretty much all the time. Oh right my bad, I thought you saying they were concept type albums where the tracks are part of a running narrative of a story. I said it because I know Quavo Huncho Album shirt has always said that OB4CL is apparently meant to be some concept album with a running narrative, but I could never see it. In that case, I know what you mean, those albums do have quite a few individual tracks that focus on storytelling (e.g. I’m guessing a good example of what you’re referring to would be The Great Adventures of Slick Rick).

Official Quavo Huncho Album sweatshirt, hoodie

Quavo Huncho Album sweatshirt
Quavo Huncho Album hoodie

Yeah, I loved the album and it’s one of my favorites of the year. Granted, I’m a big Quavo Huncho Album shirt, and unlike most of this sub, I actually loved their pop stuff in Elephunk and Monkey Business. But I thought this was an amazing throwback to the old style while also still being unique and creative. Just a really enjoyable listen. I think that would be a bit too tacky. Plus, listening parties are more of a physical experience where you and others vibe with each other to the music. IMO, it won’t be the same when everyone’s typing while simultaneously listening to a song. It just hampers the experience. They only used 1 second of Give me the Loot and the sample used in that song isn’t in that second. So do they really have to? Cause I’m sure Scenario also samples some other song but they didn’t include the writers of that one.

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