Red for Ed – Teacher shirt

Red for Ed - Teacher shirt

In a Democratic city with gun free zones. Red for Ed – Teacher shirt strike you would think would be at a school with no guns allowed signs, maybe they need more or bigger signs. The entire city of Oakland is a known dumping ground (literally). When you drive around (sometimes not by choice) you will see piles and piles of garbage stacked on the streets (sometimes spilling into the roadway). It’s literally a 3rd World Socialist hell hole in many ways.

Red for Ed – Teacher shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Red for Ed - Teacher ladies tee
ladies tee
Red for Ed - Teacher tank top
tank top
Red for Ed - Teacher v-neck

It even has the ‘rich Red for Ed – Teacher shirt section’ high up in the hills (North Oakland, a.k.a., the Oakland Hills which border/includes Moraga and Piedmont). That section sees fewer trash piles but people still off-load their shit there, since there are fewer witnesses. Robbery and muggings around Fruitvale BART. Artists squatting in abandoned spaces. People still crave to settle close to the Berkeley border because of reasons. Yes, but does the Rich Section have a modern, oh-so-progressive shift map tho?

Official Red for Ed – Teacher sweatshirt, hoodie

Red for Ed - Teacher sweatshirt
Red for Ed - Teacher hoodie

My entire state (in flyover MAGA Country) doesn’t have a Red for Ed – Teacher shirt anywhere, nor do any of the states surrounding mine, altho we have some big cities. We’re just so lame compared to Commiefornia sigh. Some cities in CA have heavy equipment to take the trash to the dump/materials transfer stations. They ain’t garbage trucks but rather Bobcats. If those little shits don’t want an education then give up and get them measured for orange jumpsuits that are obviously in their future!

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