Un Deux Trois Cat Shirt

I am still interested – just to clarify, while GR2 is sealed, what kind of Un Deux Trois Cat Shirt is Lost Legacy in? No stickers or anything? I’m a bit of a stickler about those sorts of things, as I’ve had plenty of instances where I’ve had to remove sticker residue from cases. Totally get the sticker thing. Uncharted is in mint condition. I took the shrink off, played through it, and put the disc back in the case. It has been in and out of the case one time essentially. Let me know if you need anything else. Looks like Mega Man 5 will be gone, just awaiting payment.

Un Deux Trois Cat Shirt, ladies tee, v-neck, tank top

Un Deux Trois Cat v-neck
Un Deux Trois Cat ladies tee
ladies tee
Un Deux Trois Cat tank top
tank top

I can have Bucky out to you today if we can do this within the next hour. It would be 95 shipped. If that sounds good, then send me a PM and I’ll send you an invoice! Thanks! Hey   I’ll look into the pricing for you in the Un Deux Trois Cat Shirt. As for bulk, I can’t really do much I’m sorry, I took 10% off everything already. So if you think you’d like to narrow it down just let me know and I’ll try to see if I can get it all in a flat rate box for you. Lets just cut both gauntlet games out then, how much would it bring me up to with adding in all three double dragon games?

Official Un Deux Trois Cat sweatshirt, hoodie, and long sleeve

Un Deux Trois Cat hoodie
Un Deux Trois Cat sweatshirt
Un Deux Trois Cat longsleeve
long sleeve

Yeah no problem, I have some interest in some of the Un Deux Trois Cat Shirt you have listed but I’ll wait to hear back from you this evening. I also realized I didn’t send you a pick of Ducktales 2, I’ll get that for you at lunch. No, sorry, I’ll edit the post tonight to include the boxed items. The only ones I listed as complete was Final Fantasy and one other. I’ll make the changes this evening, the boxed items slipped my mind. Hey man. He responded last night and I sent him an offer and I haven’t heard back. I asked for a followup this morning. So if I don’t hear from him in 2 hours they are yours if you want them. I can head home at lunch and box them up and ship.

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