Worthy America’s ass shirt

Worthy America's ass shirt

I assumed he used the Worthy America’s ass shirt stone to teleport to each location and just returned that stone last. This or Bruce took the location eamch meber came from out of their wrist-device and set them as Caps various destinations. He doesn’t have the ‘almost out of Pym particles’ they had during the earlier act as now Hank is alive. This t-shirt has the content and design by shipertee Shop

Worthy America’s ass shirt, ladies tee, tank top, v-neck

Worthy America's ass ladies tee
ladies tee
Worthy America's ass tank top
tank top

They were never really out of Worthy America’s ass shirt. They could always just travel to a time where Hank was alive and steal them like Tony and Steve did. That’s exactly what they are talking about No he was referencing that hank is back after the un-snap. They could just jump back 30 seconds and take the ones they already had and jump back. Boom, doubled inventory. Repeat as needed. The idea of infinite resources is very real with their time travel logic. So many people didn’t pay attention during that timeline scene that I’ve given up correcting them This t-shirt has the content and design by shipertee Shop

Official Worthy America’s ass sweatshirt, hoodie

Worthy America's ass sweatshirt
Worthy America's ass hoodie

Yes but then that timeline would not have the Worthy America’s ass shirt. True, their present would be fine, but that past would be fucked because they’d have no pym particles. And even if Cap didn’t care about fucking over the past, he’d have to fight all the Avengers of that time. Though now that I think about it, The Immortal said that an alternate reality is only made when an infinity stone leaves. This t-shirt has the content and design by shipertee Shop

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